Thursday, 9 July 2009

The King Of Pop

"So who is the king of pop mummy, is it Michael Jackson or Elvis" , asked Lauren tonight when she got in from school.

"Err, well that depends" I replied, "probably on how old you are".

"Well the boys in my class and I were chatting at break time, and we think its Michael Jackson because we don't even remember Elvis".

Fair enough, can't argue with that.

Lauren is totally and utterly engrossed in the whole Michael Jackson deal since his death. She was introduced to him about six months ago when Chris downloaded Man In The Mirror and played it to the kids in the car one day. They loved it, learnt all the words really quickly and requested it on all journeys, over and over.

Last summer it was Angels by Robbie Williams that we played to death, whilst on holidya in Cornwall, and then Pretender by The Foo Fighters, so we've moved on to a new thing with Jacko.

Lauren also asked me after we spent last friday night viewing videos, mainly Thriller and Bad, the longer versions, " How come he was black when he was little and white when he was an adult". That took some explaining!!

We've even had a Michael Jackson tribute concert in the playroom put together primarliy by Ben but with Nat and Lauren being given supporting roles! Ben was Micheal, complete with half mast black trousers, white fluffy socks and a large red shirt - he even got the moon walking moves off to a tee. Very entertaining.

Laurens got Bad on her Ipod and wanders round the house singing loudly with the headphones in her ears unable to hear herself, and tonight she fell asleep to him seranading her.

Wonder how many people around the world are doing what my kids are doing right now. Funny thing death.

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