Monday, 29 June 2009


We seem to be the only family out there who watched the England under 21s playing in the final against Germany this evening, as Andy Murray was on the other side playing his heart out at Wimbledon.

We did this because, Ben, my nine year old is craaaaaaaaazy about football. As is his brother ,Nat, but as he's only five we managed to distract him enough by Winnie the Pooh audio bedtime stories to get him out of the way before the match started.

We're keeping Morrisons in Wetherby going at the moment buying 99p footballs because the boys, and Lauren too, play with them to death and they pop. Suppose for 99p what can we expect.

This Sunday morning the boys started out with two balls each of varying colours and it was all going swimmingly until Nat kicked Bens ball into a particularly prickly bush. The balls are insubstantial to say the least and sure enough it went pop. Ben was furious as he thought Nat had done it on purpose (and yes by the glint in his eye I'd have to agree) so to get his own back ,Ben (who is nine and really should know better) popped one of Nats balls with a pair of kitchen scissors!!!

His dad came along at this moment and having not been part of the earlier escapades promptly sent Ben to his room.

Ben took it on the chin and came down later to play MORE football with Nat. How it happened I don't know but they managed to pop two more balls between them and came in asking for us to have another trip to Morrisons.

Chris (dad) put his foot down. I love it when he does this because it doesn't happen very often. The boys sulked for a full two minutes, and then played on their bikes instead.

Sure there is a moral to this story but not sure what it is..................RX

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