Monday, 8 June 2009


I asked Ben if he'd run into our local Sainsburys the other evening to buy a bag of freezer bags. Lauren, Nat and I stayed in the car and watched Ben from outside going up and down each aisle, obviously unable to find said item.

He came out empty handed claiming that they didn't have any. When quizzed he said he didn't like to ask the assistant, and couldn't see them himself.

So, Lauren said she'd go back with him to find them.

This time, Nat and I watched the two of them giggling up and down the aisles for ages, and they still came back empty handed.

It turned out that the assistant was an ex school pupil and they were so in awe of him they daren't ask for what they wanted. Bless!

But,have no fear, little brother came to the rescue. "I'll find them mummy" he said, jumping out of the car with Ben and Lauren close on his heels.

He marched in, straight up to the young assistant and asked where the freezer bags were. The three of them were then escorted to the correct aisle and came out beaming, with a bar of chocolate as well as the bags.

Result! Nat was most proud of himself for the rest of the day.


  1. LOL I would of been to scared to ask to , both now and 20 years ago. My little sister still does all my jobs for me he he

  2. They have their uses younger siblings don't they.I'm sure I used to use mine for things like that too. RX