Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Nathaniel, my five year old, who is well too cool for school has just learnt a new trick - he can do a front flip off the end of the settee. He's very, very proud of himself, and was even practising in the tent last weekend when he went camping with his dad, and brother and sister.

He literally stands on the end of the settee (I gave up trying to stop them jumping on it years ago) throws himself forward and somersaults in the air and lands on his back on the soft cushions.

Today, we were at his regular GYMBOBS class (big plug for Janine, because it's a fab club and she and her staff are so enthusiastic) and he was doing the circuit which involved jumping onto a soft gym horse and jumping off the other side, landing on a mat and doing a forward roll.

Nathaniel,however, decided to treat everybody to his new trick without any prior warning, much to Janines horror and amazement. Instead of jumping off the gym horse he literally flipped in the air and landed with his feet together in a perfect 10/10 olympic finish.

While Janine was having a small heart attack and shouting something at me about her public liability insurance, Roger one of her helpers just pointed at Nat and shouted "that was sooooooooooooooo cool".

He smiled sweetly and just moved onto the next apparatus.

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