Friday, 14 August 2009

FUNNY five year old is so funny, he was just born to be on the stage.

Yesterday, Lauren and I were in the house, and Nat and Ben were 'gardening' outside. he came flying in all of a sudden gesticulating, saying " There's a dead hodgy in the pond mummy come and see". He kept repeating the word hodgy; which we finally worked out was a hedgehog. (The next best thing to him pronouncing the word properly was hodgeheg after several attempts, but hodgy is cute......). Sure enough, on inspection, there was a spiky creature in the pond. And well dead it was too.

Later we were all out in the garden and Ben shouted " Come and smell my plants". He'd been planting his sunflowers in the ground from their pots. I went down the steps and smelt them. Shortly after I heard Ben say to Nat " that's my PANTS". Nat was trying to sniff Ben's pants - he'd misheard! Ben laughed til he cried.

Even later, last night when I was putting Nat to bed, he told me when he gets frustrated or angry (we were having a conversation about why he nips Lauren), he sees a skull in his head , and it's all white light with a little bit of pink. He says its the skull that makes his brain work?! Any child psychologists reading this please feel free to comment?

I asked him for a good night kiss, and he said he had none made in his factory because the diggers had gone on strike.

I also had a great conversation with Ben and Lauren the other evening. Lauren said she'd like to be a police woman with a dog ; a German Shepherd.

Ben said he'd like to be an artist and a surf dude in Cornwall.

Lauren said she'd go and see him when he was famous.

Ben said "what like Pablo Picasso".

Lauren said "who?".

I launched into an explanation as to who Pablo Picasso was and how famous he was.

"He's not that famous mummy, she's never heard of him", says Ben!!

Bless them . They're so lovely.

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