Sunday, 18 October 2009


I've come to the conclusion that my kids are 'well cool and well busy' (Nats phrase). I'm sure most parents think that about their kids but I'm saying it in relation to music.

I blogged a while ago and mentioned that Nat went to bed listening to the Foo Fighters. It relaxed him, really. Well, its changed now to Dizzy Rascal - Holiday in particular. Hardly soothing music but it works. He can be seen lying in his cabin bed, eyes closed, almost asleep mouthing to the tunes, word perfect.

Lauren on the other hand, whilst enjoying the likes of Dizzy and Tinchy (they've mixed their names up to Dizzy Stryder and Tinchy Rascal!)- she systematically went through Youtube the other day and watched all their latest videos, and now also knows the words - is more enamoured with Michael jackson.

Man In The Mirror was a firm favourite with all three of my kids last year in Cornwall. Chris has it on his Ipod in the car, and they used to request it and sing along on every journey. Great the first time, abit tedious the fiftieth!

She has all his albums on her Ipod and goes to sleep (with her eye mask on!) listening to Smooth Criminal. Possibly the 'extended version', possibly the 'radio edit' - she knows them all off by heart.

Bens a little more varied in his choice of music and will sometimes have 'shuffle songs' on to sleep to. Before he got his own Ipod he'd only moan if some of my country stuff came on (I have eclectic music tastes!)but think that was more because Chris told him country isn't cool (rubbish of course) rather than a proper dislike. He's rather keen on the Kaiser Chiefs, they think going to school is uncool too!

I love it that they have such a healthy regard for music. It is of course helped by the fact that mummy and daddy deliberately expose them to allsorts, via the Ipod, Youtube, TV and live concerts.

Ben's been to see the Foos live at Wembley with his dad, and I took him and some mates to see McFly a few years ago. Not quite so cool,we took him to see Westlife when he was four! and he asked me to ask all the ladies to stop screaming so he could listen to the music!!! Don't know what he made of the knickers being thrown at the band!

Lauren came with me and some girl friends to see Girls Aloud at Harewood - ok but their support, Simon Webbe was fantastic, not leat because he's very easy on the eye!! She's been twice to see Girls Aloud now, possibly an annual event from now on.

Best of all though, she's crazy about Hannah Montana/Mylie Syrus and Chris managed to get tickets for her concert at O2 just before chrstmas. Not a bad treat when you're seven! Whilst Lauren is really looking forward to it, think the pull of Santa at Hamleys the day after is greater!

They say music soothes the soul, and I've found it does just that. For me and the kids. I use it to cheer me up when I'm down, calm me when I'm angry and fire me up when I need some motivation (Anastasia is great to iron to!) And am teaching this to Ben, Lauren and Nat. I went to see Paulo Nuttini last week in Leeds and that was a really moving experience; he's so passionate about his music. I also saw Echo and The Bunnymen do a gig in their home town of Liverpool a few months ago. Ian Mcculloch was amazing. The whole concert gave me goosebumps.

So next time you've been shouting at the kids, or they're lacking in enthusiasm for life in general put some music on and get up and dance with them. I promise it works wonders - every time.

My next concert is Marc Almond (told you I have eclectic tastes)at the Grand Theatre. Not with the kids but with two guys I went to school with. One of whom I went to see Soft Cell with over twenty years ago (yes Geoff we're really that old!). Apparently Paul Ogrady is compering it, so it sounds like we're in for an erm, interesting, evening.


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