Saturday, 24 October 2009


Lauren and Nat have decided between them that they'd like a hamster, each. As if we don't have enough pets with five cats, three guinea pigs and a corn snake, they want to increase the mini-zoo with two more furry creatures.

So, as a deterrent we've said no, unless they buy them themselves. Not just the hamsters, but the cages, the waterbottles, the wheels, the food etc. So altogether it adds up to quite a lot of money.

We had a trip to Pets At Home today, and after dodging the rats in cages (can't get my head around that at all. YUK) we reached the little furry hamsters. Oh yes, they make you go aaaah aren't they sweet but..............all that springs to my mind is the time that Nat thought the nursery hamster might like to jump from a great height, and nearly died,in our house, in our care. By the way if you'd like to read more on this please see a previous blog post all about it. Its most amusing, only because Percy survived!

We've calculated that L and N need to save over £40 each, so think we're safe for quite a while given that they each get just £5 a week pocket money, and Nat always wants to spend his the minute it hits his hot little hands. He's into Doctor Who cards at the moment, and holds up a pound coin asking how many card packs he can get with it.

Here's hoping the furry creatures are a long way off. Especially as I'd probably get the job of cleaning them out.

Little aside; Nat thinks Tinchy Stryder should be on X Factor. He thinks he'd win!! No doubt. Just about to watch John and Edward whilst writing this. Please,please, please don't let them stay in another week. They can't sing, and they look ridiculous so who the hell is voting for them?!

Another little aside; Nats new word for buttocks is buttocuts.



  1. Good luck with that then. Little furry creatures don't do it for me at all, I'm afraid.
    Apparently John and Edward got the highest vote this week ,,,,

  2. Unbelievable! Although they were a little better than last week. Think Simon will resign if they win. RX