Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Nathaniel is just five and still getting to grips with the English language. This blog is just to record some of his latest offerings in this area. Some may be a bit personal but hope you enjoy the read anyway. RX

"Mummy play a game with me". "I spy with my lemon eye"!

"It's all topsy-toesy"

I'm in year-ception aren't I mummy?" (reception!)

"Mummy, Americans tend to take their clothes off alot when they're hot don't they?"

"Its on nicksplash.co.uk" (Lauren loves this one - he meant slash obviously!)

"Mummy, can I have a worm please? I'd like to call it Bertie and feed it cake!"

"Mummy do wishes come true? If they do I'd wish my cuddly dog could be real".

"Does the queen sit on her throne all the time?, How thin is she? , Does she sleep on her throne too?"

"Mummy I'm going to put it in here (his toy cockroach!) and when you open the door you'll freak out your skin!!"

"Look there's a smurf shoe?!" (slip on shoe lying by the side of the road)

He still says "hate you big" when I say "love you little" - my all time favourite.

And last but not least for today, he can sing all the words to Robbie Williams Angels ,beautifully.

How gorgeous are children? I don't want mine to grow up any more. Loving them right where they're at just now.

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  1. I love hearing (and reading) the things they say - and so important to record them!