Saturday, 9 January 2010


Hi there and a Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great festive period. Not blogged for a while and this one may end up being a bit of a mish mash but here goes.

I took Nat (my five year old son) and Lauren (my seven year old daughter) to church on Christmas Eve. We're not regular church goers but I just love to sing carols at the top of my voice just once every Christmas. The church was full, it was Christingle, so lots of kids were packing the pews. We sat with some other parents and kids from school; not such a good idea as Nat and Harry thought a rough and tumble would be a good idea - didn't go down too well with some people!

The vicar began talking and asked the children whose birthday we would be celebrating on Christmas day. Nat turned to me and said " Is it mine mummy? Is it Grans?!! " Bless him. I said it was Jesus' so he shouts out at the top of his voice " JESUS". Then the vicar asked where Jesus was born. Nat got this one straight away, he was on a roll now! "Bethlehem", again at the top of his voice - Lauren and I were nearly doubled up laughing.

A couple of days before this we were walking to school past the field in front of the house, where the kids had made a snow den the day before. Someone had clearly had fun knocking most of it down. " Mummy, teenagers did it, they're all bad aren't they " he said crossly. I told him that some of them may be but definitely not ALL of them. "well 219 of them are, I know!!!".

Talking of snow, my three are absolutely loving this winter wonderland we have at the moment. It's like being in the Alps in the lanes round our house. On Tuesday when school was closed we made a two roomed igloo with all the neighbours; all working together to produce what I have to say is a masterpiece. Since then we've taken candles out (vanilla no less!)every evening and sat out with our kids and their friends in the semi darkness and then had a sledging session before bed. Such fun! Wish we could guarantee it every winter. It definitely brings out the kid in me. I went walking in it at midnight last night, it was beautiful. The fact that I haven't been able to get to clients houses this week to do any work is slightly annoying but.........

To finish today's blog, we spent today with my dad and his wife. They have toddler twin grand daughters and told us some funny little tales that I want to pass on.

Their mum has always held up grapes before passing them to the girls to check that they contain no seeds. Now when they're given a handful of grapes they think it's the norm to hold each grape up in the air before eating it!!

They've just started talking and can say a few words, one of which is 'bib-on'. They've heard since being tiny " let mummy (or daddy) put your bib on" and assume that it's all one word. Cute huh?

That's it for today.


  1. I love the enthusiasm for the Christmas story: Gertie renamed all her dolls 'Baby Jesus' for a few weeks...

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