Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bathing in Asses Milk

Oh my goodness, I can't believe its so long since I last blogged. Need to do some goal setting/mapping and sort it out!

Anyway, todays blog is on a funny, completely off the wall subject that Ben, my soon to be ten year old, came up with the other night when we were all sharing a hotel room in Scotland.

For some reason we were talking about Cleopatra bathing in asses milk, think maybe it had come up at school, and Ben couldn't get his head around why anyone would want to do that! So, he came up with his 'wierdy scale' and Cleopatra went straight to the top! (by the way Nat, who is now six, coined the phrase 'wierdy' a while ago, so it's a normal word in our house).

And, so began a long and detailed conversation on who should be on the wierdy scale and whereabouts they would appear. I'm pleased to say(?!) that I went in very close to the top because I eat coconut oil, and I walk around the house naked!! Oh and I put Epsom salts in my bath, apparently that is very wierdy!!

Michael Jackson (RIP) was off the scale for sleeping in an oxygen tank, and dangling one of his children over a hotel balcony. Yep, can agree with that.

Nat, very high as well because he puts his willy into tubes - err not sure what this is about? Need to keep more of an eye on my children obviously.

Lauren and Daddy were lucky in that they were both termed 'normal'.

We had such a laugh, and now wherever we are the kids point out people who should be on the 'wierdy scale' and whereabouts they should be on it! What fantastic imaginations children have. I so love spending time with them.

We've been to Centerparcs for half term and had an absolute ball, cycling, doing animal 'stuff', swimming, swimming and more swimming. We've come back with those wrinkles you get on the ends of your fingers when you stay in water too long!!!!

Just to finish - Nat's really into books at the moment despite being dyslexic and not able to read yet. So we read to him every night. He likes to have at least four 'tractors' (chapters!!) if he can get away with it.

It won't be so long until I blog again - honest.


  1. You have been missed even though you are clearly weirdy. What do you mean you "eat" coconut oil? I put it in my hair from time to time (a trick I picked up on trip to India in my student days - oh just a few years ago!!) and that's enough to make me heave. How (and why) can you eat it??

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