Friday, 6 March 2009


A few years ago when Ben and Lauren were aged just three and just one, Chris and I were staying in a country house hotel with my sister and her partner for the weekend. The four of us (Chris, me and the children) had a family room which consisted of a double bed, single bed and we'd put Laurens travel cot up in the middle of the room.

Having established early on in the day that our baby monitor would work downstairs in the dining room, we booked dinner for 8pm thinking both kids would be asleep by then, and we could have a very civilised meal and a good few glasses of something fizzy (me anyway, Chris is not a champers person - Becks every time).

We bathed the kids at 6pm, got their pyjamas on and read them lots of stories snuggled up on the bed. My plan was working like a dream and we left the two of them at 7.45pm asleep in their respective beds.

We were well into our meal and feeling pretty merry on our chosen alocholic drinks when we heard noises coming from the monitor. The children were having a little natter! At least Benjy was talking away to Lauren and she was making baby gurgling noises back. Oh how sweet we thought, until we heard Ben ask Lauren if she'd like a pillow in her cot!!!!

We've never moved so fast up a flight of stairs in our lives, and got there just as he was about to put said pillow into the travel cot for his sisters head - what a very kind big brother!!

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