Friday, 13 March 2009


Tonight, Nathaniel, my five year old was snuggled up on my knee before bed and I had a real emotional moment when I realised that he's my baby and he's growing up so quickly.

He's gorgeous, he's beautiful and he's very, very cool. Here are lots of reasons why :

I say to him "I love you Little" and he replys " I hate you Big!" (with a grin).

He asks the waiter in Ask to put more 'snow' cheese all over his pasta!

He cuddles his soft toy 'cat' as he's going to sleep and asks me if I love hime more than Cadburys world!

He invites me to snuggle up in his bed as he's going to sleep and says "I love it when you lie with me mummy".

He rides his scooter all around the kitchen without falling off.

He can tell a joke all the way through - this one " Why did the orange go to the doctors?", "because he wasn't peeling very right!".

He thinks sex is when two men kiss.

He puts his shoes on the wrong feet, and doesn't even notice.

He giggles when I tickle him and tell him his giggle is my happy thought when I'm feeling down.

He listens to the Foo Fighters, Never Surrender, as he's going to sleep, and finds it relaxing.

He can do a press up on a medicine ball.

He idolises his big brother and sister.

He rides his bike with no fear.

He likes Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon I Don't Feel Like Dancing by the Scissor Sisters and sings to them loudly.

He calls a unicorn a "horsicorn".

He gives me a big kiss and hug before he goes into his classroom every morning at school (Ben runs a mile if I even attempt to go anywhere near him!)

And lots, lots more .............
I'm feeling sentimental this evening.I'd like to stop time and I ask him, and Ben and Lauren, regularly, to stop growing and stay just as they are. They'll all always be my babies and I'll always adore them. And they'll never really know how much.


  1. Oh, what memories this post brings rushing in! I remember when my own children said all those sweet little things we can never forget. I am mom, grandma and great grandma and still talk almost daily about the funny things one of the little ones said or did long ago. We all laugh and see who can think of the next one first! You are living the memories now and I am so glad you are enjoying them, for they grow uo way too fast. Take care, Friend.

  2. A lovely post! They say the most amusing things. Mine do that and usually at the worst possible moment!

  3. It's the tiny little hand finding mine and holding on tight that I miss so much.
    I love my teenagers, of course I do, but they grew up too fast and sometimes, I wish I could have my babies back