Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Not really a subject for a children's blog you may think? But I was in the car with two of my children and one of their friends on Sunday and Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon came on the Ipod. It's a top tune and we all sang along merrily, not really thinking about the words, at least I wasn't!

All of a sudden Nat pipes up " I know what sex is Mummy". Lauren and Alice giggled, and I asked him matter of factly "what is it babe?".

He replied "It's when two men kiss". Interesting.

"No", says Lauren "That's gay". Interesting.

" Yes", I said, trying to regain some control, " When two people of the same sex kiss, they do tend to be gay".

"Oh " says Nat and carries on playing on his Nintendo.

" I know what sex is Mummy" Says Lauren in a very animated fashion. "It's when they take their clothes off".

That'll do me for now. Kings of Leon finished and was replaced by the Stereo Mcs - Deep Down and Dirty! Think we're going to have to modify the Ipod shuffle songs sometime soon!

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