Thursday, 2 April 2009


We all went to watch Benjamin (who's nearly nine) play football at the local club last Sunday morning. It was a glorious sunny morning, the team were winning one-nil and I was busy chatting to some of the other mums and enjoying the sun, whilst watching my lad run about the field with his mates.

Nathaniel (now five),whom I had been watching from a distance ,honest, as he played on the other side of the pitch with his sister Lauren and friend, appeared by my side and started tugging my coat.

I turned to hear him say "Mummy, my hair feels all wet". I looked down and OH MY GOD! His hair was the same colour as mine (plum!). It took a second to register that it was in fact blood and it was still pumping out of a gash on the top of his head. My husband appeared and took one look and said "Oh, it'll be alright". I was nearly hyperventilating so my friend said "No it won't it needs sorting".

Chris and I carried him across the field between us to the car, listening to his wailing all the way. Not because his head was hurting but because he really didn't want to go to hospital.

He'd apparently bumped into one of the large concrete posts that make up the fencing around the ground, he told us through sobs.

We bribed him to get him in the car with the chance to listen to the Foo Fighters, which was a small price for me to have to pay all the way to Harrogate A and E!

Once at the hospital, he was fine. The bleeding had stopped, he was smiling again and all was well in his little world, especially as they had books to look at. We read them all over and over, had a drink from the machine, went to the toilet, read some more and then it was our turn.

He spoke very clearly to the very nice doctor when he asked him what he'd done, and to the nurse when she came to wash his head (no gentle technique here) and glue the wound together.

But the best bit for him was when the doctor came back and said "Now listen young man, you know you won't be able to wash your hair for five whole days now!"

Nat made a fist, pulled his arm into his side and shouted "Yes,get in!!!!!!!!!!!".

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