Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Lauren, aged 7, lost her second tooth yesterday, hooray! At last, the rest of the family cheered as she'd been miserable and bad tempered fiddling about it with it for what seemed like days!

It happened at school and her teacher, obviosuly having had this sort of thing happen before, wrapped it up in kitchen roll and put her name on the front. And that is how it was placed under her pillow; along with a note specifically telling the tooth fairy when the tooth had come out and that she would like two pounds to spend in exchange for said tooth. Ha, ha, since when was this the way to speak to a mythical creature?

This morning she rushed in to wake me, clutching the two pounds (nothing to do with me, she has her father wrapped around her little finger), and exclaiming about how fab the tooth fairy was.

Nat, aged five, followed shortly behind and so a three way discussion began starting with Lauren. " I saw her in my bedroom mummy, going like this". She fluttered tiny imaginary wings. "I saw her going past my bedroom door like this" said Nat, fluttering gi-normous imaginary wings - not allowing his sister to outdo him!

The discussion went on with Lauren deciding that there MUST be more than one tooth fairy, as children lose their teeth every day of the year so the tooth fairy would be run off her feet if she were the only one. Unlike Father Christmas who only has to work on one night of the year and sleeps for the rest?!

" What does she do with all the teeth " piped up Nat. "She builds a tooth castle" I said - isn't that how the story goes? They batted this idea backwards and forwards thankfully leaving me to get ready, deciding that the bigger teeth would go on the bottom and the smaller ones on the top and that the castle sits on a cloud.

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