Friday, 24 April 2009


Nathaniel (aged 5) and I spent a hilarious half hour playing on his Nintendo DS tonight. He's good, I'm hopeless, so what happens is that he does most of a 'level' and just as he's about to complete it he passes it to me and I get the flag! How sweet is that. We went upstairs shortly afterwards and he piped up :

"Mummy, if you're still alive I'll teach you how to get on to the next level on my Nintendo".

"Thanks" I said, "I sure hope I will be, shall we do it tomorrow? "

" Well I might not be alive either, because we do have lots of fires at school you know. We had one today and two people died!"

Turns out he'd had a fire drill for the first time. Goodness knows what his teacher had said!

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