Friday, 8 May 2009


We have a new 'fad' in our house, or at least the children do. It just happens to be my favourite one of all time though, so I'm happy to give them my time to play with these little plastic things called GOGOS.

They come in packs of three, in case you're not aware and they cost 99p - you get stickers too though, which makes the price quite reasonable, according to my kids!

Lauren saved up, or conned her Gran, I'm not sure which, and today we had a delivery of thirty packets.Yes, thirty packets! My Dad, who is seperated from my mum was horrified and declared that she spoils Lauren. Err, I have to agree having seen the Gogos all over the floor of our snug after she'd emptied them out.

I had lots of fun sorting these pleasing little plastic 'creatures' into colours though, which my dad labelled obsessive and my husband agreed (charming, I just think I have an organised mind).

Lauren took one look at them when I'd spent the best part of half an hour lining them all up, and exclaimed at the cute ones, and declared that even with one hundred plus (she had some already) the one she REALLY wanted wasn't there!

Some people are never satisified, can't imagine where she gets it from.............

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