Friday, 15 May 2009


Lauren is totally and utterly addicted to Hannah Montana. It's on in our house every day for as long as she can get away with it. If I'm busy (bad mum) it's a little too long!

The other day I decided to see what all the fuss was about, as the boys were getting 'sucked in' to what I believed was a trashy American soap as well. We all sat down in our snug and watched one episode from start to finish. I challenged them at the beginning by saying " OK guys, at the end of this show I'd like you to tell me what you've learnt from this programme".

Twenty minutes later I have to admit, I'd really enjoyed it. Yep OK it was full of cheap 'gags' and Billy Ray Cyrus is not the best actor in the world, but it was harmless and Dolly Parton made a guest appearance which made my day. Always been a fan of hers!

"So", I said as the credits came on the screen. " What did you learn from that, anything?" Immediately Benj piped up with "Yes mummy, I learnt that you should always give people a second chance - and that we should turn anger into love". Wow, wow and wow - I was bowled over. That was exactly what I took from it too!

So, next time you think your kids have glazed over, and are getting nothing out of the TV other than square eyes (my mum used to say it to me and my sister all the time, and now I say it to my kids!) why not ask them some questions. You may be pleasantly surprised.

On the strength of that,I took Lauren to see the Hannah Montana movie on Saturday too, and that was well entertaining. Really lively, colourful, full of messages! and some great songs. Mostly girls in the audience, and they actually clapped and cheered when it finished - and I joined in too!

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