Friday, 15 May 2009


Ben was just two years old and Lauren was just two months old. It was a Friday and Grandad was with us.

He still visits every Friday, and the kids get very excited partly because Grandad's coming and partly because it's treat day and he buys them sweets!

Anyway, on this particular Friday to give me a rest while Lauren had her lunchtime nap, Grandad said he'd take Ben out for a little drive and go up to Leeds/Bradford airport to watch the planes for a while.

I got him ready and he was dead excited. It was only his second time out on his own with Grandad.

When they'd gone I put Lauren to bed and had a lovely time pottering about the house, I read a magazine, tidied up abit and Lauren slept for hours; bliss.

Ben unfortunately didn't have quite such a nice time as we found out when they got back.

Grandad and he watched some planes at the airport, and he really enjoyed it, and concentrated for as long as can be expected from a two year old (not that long!).

They then set off back. Ben said he was thirsty and not wanting to stop Grandad looked around his car and found a drinks bottle. Assuming it contained water he passed it back to Ben who was strapped into his child seat. Ben apparently took a great big glug from the bottle and..........spat the contents back all over the car, and the back of Grandad, and screamed and cried for the rest of the way home.

The drinks bottle as it turned out contained milk, from their previous trip out A WHOLE WEEK before - so you can imagine how revolting and sour the milk was; it was almost cheese! Poor kid got the shock of his life when he tasted it.

Unfortunately Grandad has never been allowed to forget his dreadful error, I think it's scarred Ben for life!

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