Sunday, 24 May 2009


Laurens first tooth started to come through black and crooked. I pointed it out to the health visitor the minute I saw it and she said it'll be fine wait and see. It wasn't and we had numerous trips to the dentist for it to be monitored every millimetre it protruded through her gum.

Chris and I were traumatised at the time, children's teeth are so precious, and it was her very first one; our poor gorgeous little girl.

Eventually we were told it was a malformed tooth; why this happens is still a mystery but it was suggested that said tooth be removed.

OK, but how to remove a tooth from a tiny child was the next hurdle. No one wants their child to be in pain for any reason, and as I have a dreadful fear of dentists it worried me more than most.

In the end it was decided, well I decided, that Chris should take her. We were booked into the Leeds General Infirmary dental department early one morning. We dropped Benjy off at the child minder and drove down to the hospital.

I sat outside in the waiting room while Chris took Lauren in to sit in the dentists chair,on his knee. She had no idea what was about to happen to her, which we figured was a good thing.

I paced around for what seemed like hours, listening for the screaming to start. But it never did. All was quiet, and eventually daddy and daughter emerged. Chris looked shattered and rather pale and was covered it blood splatters; Lauren looked her gorgeous normal self, minus her little black tooth.

She'd been amazing all the way through apparently, very brave and perhaps because she wasn't anticipating anything nasty happening took it all in her stride.

We took her back to the car where we'd got a Marks and Spencer picnic waiting - more for us than her, but she wolfed it down no problem.

The moral of the story is :it's easy to forget just how resilient our children really are!


  1. Keep trying to post a comment to say how much I enjoy reading your lovely positive stories, but been having a few technical problems. Keep the stories coming :-)

  2. Thanks Sally, much appreciated! RX

  3. Ah bless her. Hope the tooth fairy still paid a visit x

  4. Of course. Expensive business with three children! RX