Thursday, 12 February 2009


Ben aged 4 said the following little sentences - bless him, they're lovely :

"Mummy, why has the ironing board got a new suit on?"

"Look at that journey over there!"

" Why does Kent have spots all over his face?" (freckles)

"Who body's looking after me tonight mummy?"

"Mummy, daddy left the window open last night so that the dark could come in!"

"I had a bad mood mummy!"

"Turn the moon on daddy please"

"That's a bit loudy"

"It's awfully raining"

We took Ben to a Westlife concert when he was six, and he was most perturbed by all the screaming women in the audience. He turned to me and said " Mummy, could you ask them all to be quiet please, I can't here the band !"

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