Sunday, 22 February 2009


Whatever next - my husband has the I Fart game on his I phone, and you guessed it, my five year old, Nathaniel loves it. It makes the most disgusting noises, the louder the better as far as he's concerned.

Chris made the mistake of taking the boys into the office with him on Friday, whilst I was working and they were off school for half term.

Nat apparently made a total nuisance of himself, going up behind people with the I Phone and pressing the button to make a hideous farting noise. Most of the guys were amused and laughed it off - men are often proud of the noises their bottoms produce after all aren't they (at least some of them are, I'm generalising but it's not Chris's thing at all thank goodness).

The females on the other hand were mortified that their colleagues may think these toilet noises were coming from them, and shooed my little boy away as quickly as possible, at the same time shouting that it really wasn't them it was the I Phone.

Nat's still laughing about it now!

His most recent joke : Why did the skeleton cross the road? To kill the banana! (love to get inside his head one day!)

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