Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Just lifted this from my diary from March 14th 2004 :

Lauren (aged nearly two) has been feeding her dolls this morning with her 'boobies'. She holds them close and lifts up her top! She put two breast pads (I was feeding Nathaniel aged one month) inside her pyjamas and said "for me's boobies"!
This afternoon we went to pick Ben up from nursery and it was raining. She was carrying a frog umbrella and jumping up and down shouting "ribbit ribbit".
Later, Ben came running into the kitchen shouting "Mummy, alert the media, alert the media!" and when I asked why he said "Laurens gone outside on her own"?! This was a first but she hadn't gone far - I was being a consciencious mother, honest.

That evening Grandad was putting Ben to bed and he asked him if he snored at night. " I don't know how to snore Grandad".

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