Sunday, 18 January 2009


It was the last day of half term. and Ben was in year two. I was chatting away to the other mums in the playground and heard my name being called by the teacher. Whoops, my immediate thought was, what had he done !? (why I don't know because he's not and never has been a bad kid).

She asked me to go inside the classroom, and I duly followed still wondering what was going on.

She said she had something to show me. She said "you know all those grapes you've been sending down for Bens break time snack, Mrs Goodwin" (every day for the whole of half term in a little plastic bag at Bens request - he doesn't eat much fruit but red seedless grapes had always been a favourite).

"Well", she said laughing, as she pulled out Bens tray from the cabinet, "this is just a theory but I don't think he likes them anymore".

The tray came out virtually steaming, and full to the brim of bags of red grapes , in various stages of fermenting!

Think we have a budding wine maker in the family!!

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