Saturday, 31 January 2009


I noticed stagnant water had appeared in the shower tray of our basement bathroom the other day - we very rarely use it. I tried to flush the loo and nothing happened. Time to call out a plumber.

I rang our resident local plumber as he'd installed the bathroom, but he was less than keen to come out (suprise suprise) and directed me to a Saniflow man. As the bathroom is below ground we had to have a saniflow system installed (yeah exciting information I know but its important for you to get the story so bear with me please!)

So, I booked Mr Saniflow in, he came with buckets and rubber gloves and some long implements vaguely resembling hoses and I left him to it, whilst I blogged in the kitchen.

He spent ages going backwards and forwards with bucket loads of revolting looking water, and I kept reminding myself how lucky I am to do the job that I do, and not his.

Eventually he appeared in the doorway with a handful of objects. " These are what are causing the problem" he said as he showed me a ping pong ball, a bouncy ball, a long thin paint brush and a handful of baby wipes!

My lovely little angelic four year old had happily been stuffing said objects down the toilet without us being aware - remiss parenting definitely!

"You'll need a new pump, the old one's completely ruined" said Mr Saniflow. Great I thought, that sounds very straight forward. So I told him to go ahead and order one.

As he was leaving I asked how much a new pump was, thinking £30 - £40 quid (plumbing parts not being my forte; but if you asked me about Juicy Couture tracksuits in Harvey Nichols I could tell you to the penny!). "Oh, approx six hundred and fifty pounds including labour " he said casually.

After I'd picked myself up off the floor, I decided Nats pocket money will have to be stopped for the rest of his life to pay for it. Now just to tell him!

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