Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sheriff or Shepherd?!

My four year old came out of school one day in December and announced "Mummy I'm going to be a sheriff in the school play". He was very excited and full of his own importance, so I gingerly questioned him. " Do you mean a sheriff sweetheart?". "Yes mummy". I asked several times over the course of the afternoon and evening and he was adamant, so I assumed they were performing some alternative nativity play where Mary and Joseph meet cowboys!

It turned out, after I'd quizzed his teacher, that he was actually Chief Shepherd and not only that but he had a line to say!

We practised it at home every night " Come here my five best sheep" - much to the amusement of his brother and sister, until he'd got it off to a tee! So much so that they thought they'd have some fun with it, and him, by changing the word 'best' to all sorts of other things.

"Come here my five rubbish sheep"

"Come here my five worst sheep"

" Come here my five wee-wee sheep"

"Come here my five poo - poo sheep" (he's going through the wee-wee, poo-poo stage at the moment!)...

...and so it went on. Every night they'd come up with new words to fit into his one and only sentence. It was like something out of a Horrid Henry book listening to them and my husband and I laughed but cringed at the same time.

What on earth was our little darling going to come out with on the day of the nativity??!

We bought him a fabulous little outfit from Woolworths ( what ever will we do without that shop, so sad) complete with head dress, crook and a little sheep. He wore it every night for a week before the play and all day at the weekends if he could.

I went to the dress rehearsal and waited with great anticipation for thirty little four and five year olds to march into the hall and onto/next to the stage. The performance was fabulous, the audience had tears in their eyes as their little angels did their bit - and my own little angel stood proudly and said his line loudly, clearly and .................accurately. Bless him.

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